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  • _TK Silencer Stainless Steel Pre-fiber | TK616 | Greenland MX_
    £11.35 £9.88

  • _TK Universal Silencer 4 Stroke TIV Holologated | HQ17 | Greenland MX_
    £345.47 £300.56

About the brand Turbokit

TURBOKIT is a Spanish company founded in the Murcia region that develops 2-stroke and 4-stroke exhaust systems suitable for any engine displacement. Turbokit offers various types of off-road exhaust systems and silencers, also available as exhaust kits, representing an affordable alternative to OEM exhaust systems. We offer for off-road bikes alternative exhaust systems at an affordable price with an excellent quality-price ratio compared to OEM exhaust systems. Buy yours at GreenlandMX.

9.88 £
300.57 £
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