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  • _SW-Motech Traveller Pillion Cushion 22 x 30 cm | SIK.00.410.10100-B | Greenland MX_
    £85,50 £88,20

  • _KTM Ergo Pillion Seat | 61607947000 | Greenland MX_

  • _Blackbird seat step | BB4000 | Greenland MX_

  • _Blackbird seat step Bump | BB4001 | Greenland MX_

Accessories for the seat of your bike

Give that personal touch to your bike seat and adapt it to your taste and riding position which will translate into greater comfort and improve your riding position. Manufactured by the leading manufacturers using the best materials to achieve maximum comfort and the best finishes. Find the accessory you're looking for to customise your bike seat so you will feel as comfortable as in your favorite armchair.