Hour Meters

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  • _Get Wireless Hour Meter | GK-GETHM-0002 | Greenland MX_
    £29,89 £28,49
  • _Wiseco Hour Meter Holder | CHW8062 | Greenland MX_
  • _Wiseco Hour Meter | CHW8063 | Greenland MX_
  • _Prox Wireless Hour Meter | 43.HM003 | Greenland MX_
    £43,11 £37,52
  • _Pro Taper Wireless Hourmeter | 020685 | Greenland MX_

Hour meters. Control the maintenance schedules of your bike.

This is a very important and valuable tool to control the maintenance intervals of our bike. The hour meters allow us to perform the maintenance work in due time and avoid problems. At GreenlandMX you can choose from our wide product range the hour meter that best suits you, wired or wireless.