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  • _KTM SX/SX-F 23-.. EXC/EXC-F 24-.. Frame Protection Set | A46003094000EB | Greenland MX_
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  • _KTM SX/SX-F/EXC/EXC-F 19-.. Factory Racing Frame Protection Set | 79103994000EB1 | Greenland MX_
    £41.21 £37.09

Chassis protectors for your bike

The sides of the chassis are exposed to continuous friction caused by the boots. That's why it is inevitable that the paint wears off on these spots. The best solution to prevent this and the aspect of neglect of our bike is the installation of chassis protectors. At GreenlandMX you will find all types of protectors your bike requires. Do not allow your beloved bike to lose glamour.