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  • _Gnerik Folding Front Paddock Stand | GK-040022 | Greenland MX_
    £108,05 £92,62

  • _Gnerik Front Stand | GK-040026 | Greenland MX_
    £49,43 £37,99

  • _DRC Aluminum Bike Lift without Panel | D36-31-021 | Greenland MX_
    £96,50 £85,40

  • _DRC Aluminum Bike Lift with Panel | D36-31-011 | Greenland MX_
    £110,30 £94,05

  • _Gas Gas Bike Stand | 79129955000BJB | Greenland MX_

  • _KTM Bike Stand | 79129955000EBA | Greenland MX_

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Fixed stands for working on your bike

The principal accessory in our garage or workshop, without which we will not be able to carry out much of the maintenance work. A stable base with the top covered with rubber to prevent the bike from slipping make this type of lifting device the safest option. Choose the type and colour you prefer at GreenlandMX... the robustness of a fixed bike stand or the versatility and multifunctionality of a folding stand.