• _Optimate 1 Duo TM-402D Battery Charger | 00600402 | Greenland MX_
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  • _Optimate Dual 3300 MA O-105 USB Charger | 00600105 | Greenland MX_
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  • _Optimate Dual 3300 MA O-115 USB Charger | 00600115 | Greenland MX_
    £32.98 £32.23

About the brand Tecmate

TecMate, a Belgian company founded in 1994, develops and manufactures tools for charging and testing batteries, tuning or repairing engines as well as other equipment. TecMate, recommended by Honda, Husqvarna or KTM among other automotive manufacturers, offers several tools suitable for an off-road workshop such as its outstanding battery chargers. We offer spare parts and accessories to maintain the electronics of your off-road bike as operational as on the first day. Our GreenlandMX customer service is specialised in motocross, enduro and trial.

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