LOCTITE | Ref: 88403

Loctite LB 8101 Chain Lubricant 400 ml

_Loctite LB 8101 Chain Lubricant 400 ml | 88403 | Greenland MX_


LOCTITE | Ref: 88403

Loctite LB 8101 Chain Lubricant 400 ml

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Technical details

Loctite LB 8101 Chain Lubricant

Lubricant - synthetic grease.

Ideal for lubricating chains and gears.

Excellent resistance to wear and high pressures.

LOCTITE® LB 8101 is a general purpose grease for open mechanisms.

It is used to lubricate chains, open gears, worm gear and cables, and protects against water ingress.

It also provides excellent resistance to water and high pressure.

The product is also designed to resist centrifugal forces in high-speed mechanisms.

It is commonly used in applications with an operating thermal range of -30 ° C to +170 .

  • Special grease for open mechanisms.
  • Protects against water ingress.
  • Excellent resistance against wear and high pressures.
  • Lubricates chains, open gears and worm gears.
  • Operating thermal range between -30 ° C to +170 .
  • Appearance: Amber.
  • Base oil and additives: Mineral oil, EP.
  • Service temperature range: -30 to + 170 ° C.
  • 400 ml Spray.
Brand Loctite
Compatibility Universal

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